Oculus fun


Mine Craft: The DropperEdit

This is a rage enducing game that makes you want to throw you're PC. Though it can be played with out the Oculus it has a cooler effect on the way you're dropping into a hole!      XD


This is one of the scariest games know. With a evil buisness guy in a suit running after you, just because hes lonley. Adding the feeling of actually being in the game just sets the evil tone.

The AsylumEdit

This game is filled with random jumscares as it is and just to add that just fun feeling of being in the game makes it a whole lot harder not to crap yourself.

The MansionEdit

Form The pure expirence of watching people play this just freaks me out! Trying it with the oculus is just not possible! DONT TRY AT HOME!

Finally The Guillatine Simulator  (couldnt fit explaination srry)Edit

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