Arcanine pokeball by lepatchi-d4k61n9




The eevelutions hapen to be some of the most rare pokemon ever known!  Since they are so unique they had to have a spot on this list.

MagiKarp EvolutionEdit

Though Magikarp is one of the worst Pokemon in the game, in the end you get an awesome Gyrados Which is usually extreamly strong after lots of training!

Charmander EvolutionEdit

When you start with a chrmander you do not have many good attacks. Once you're Charmander you get Charmeleon, then you will aquire CHARIZARD wich also can be a mega! a very strong attack pokemon!

 Squirtle EvolutionEdit

Yes; Squirtle is probably the worst starter but it pays off. After Squirtle you aquire Wortortle. Then, you get BLASTIOSE which also can be a mega.


Even though this pokemon does not evolve, Mega Diancie has the HIGHEST total stats I bothered to look at!

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